Anna Hood - Inventor of the Raci Babi Helmet Liner and Do-Rag Anna Hood - Inventor of the Raci Babi Helmet Liner and Do-Rag

Hi! I'm Anna

I love to ride motorcycles but I couldn’t stand the tangles, knots and matted helmet hair!

When I couldn’t find answers to my helmet hair problems I took matters in my own hands and designed the Raci-Babi helmet liner for myself. The interest generated by that product convinced me to start up Raci-Babi to design and manufacture high quality products for motorcycling and other outdoor sports.

Do you love outdoor and motor sports but hate the matted hair with all the tangles and knots at the end of the day? 
If you're like most women who enjoy motorcycling, skiing and other outdoor activities you've experienced the nightmare of Helmet Hair! You've also probably tried all kinds of crazy ways to prevent prevent it without success. 

Heaven forbid, you may have even considered cutting off your hair to prevent it.


You Don't Need to Cut Your Hair to Prevent Helmet Head!

We are so confident the Raci-Babi Diva-Do helmet liner and do-rag is the best solution you can find for helmet hair or we'll buy it back and even pay the shipping costs! It's that good.