The Raci-Babi Diva-Do Doo-Rag and Helmet Liner for Women

No More Tangles - No More Knots
Just Beautiful Hair at Your Next Stop

Check Out the Diva-Do Review by Callie at Adventure Rig

Callie and Tyson at Adventure Rig did a detailed review of the Diva-Do. Their video does a great job of showing how well it works and how easy it is to wear.

You can learn a lot more about them through the related videos on YouTube or by visiting their outdoor adventures website

Our thanks to Callie and Tyson for the excellent video and all the other great info on their videos and website.

The Raci-Babi Diva-Do makes it easy to prevent helmet hair every time you ride your motorcycle

Imagine being the first one ready to ride, riding in comfort without helmet itch, then taking your helmet off and having your hair spill over your shoulders looking full and fresh without a single tangle or knot! With your Raci-Babi Diva-Do we'll guarantee you'll be thrilled or we'll refund you entire purchase, including shipping.

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Are You Fed Up with Helmet Hair?

Hi, I'm Anna. I love riding motorcycles but hated the wind and sun damage to my hair while I road and the flattened tangled mess my hair was when I took my helmet off.

Because of my frustrations trying to find a solution to helmet hair (read about how I found the solution to stopping helmet hair and tangles and knots) I originally designed the Diva-Do for my own use.

Once I'd figured it out I couldn't go for a ride without someone asking me where I got my hair "thing" or offering to buy the one in my hand! Once you try one I so sure you'll love it too that we offer you our Total Satisfaction Guarantee (see below for details)..

Designed for Your Long Hair

The Raci-Babi Diva-Do was designed to make riding more enjoyable with shoulder length or longer hair. It's Easy and Fast to put on and take off and will transform how you look at getting ready to ride.

We also have the WickIt!™ Helmet Liner for women and men with shorter hair. Enjoy the same comfort and ease of use in a helmet liner designed and used by riders like you.

Adjustable for The Perfect Fit

The adjustable ties make for a perfect fit under any size helmet. The snugness can be adjusted snug enough to allow the Diva-Do to be worn as a Do-Rag without a helmet or to allow getting a snug fitting helmet on over the liner without disturbing the Diva-Do

Seam Free Construction - No Pressure Points

The Diva-Do uses a unique one piece hair cover design which completely eliminates any seams the come in contact with your hair or head. This totally eliminates pressure points so you'll enjoy an incredibly comfortable fit and never get a "seam headache".

Wicking Active Wear Materials for Dry, Cool Comfort

All Diva-Do's use super comfortable stretch active wear material (except he Cat's Eye Gold which uses a stretch charmeuse with similar characteristics).

Both materials wick moisture but not essential hair oils, leaving your hair full and fluffy. This virtually eliminates the flattening and matting caused by the lack of hair oils and damp hair.

Patented Hair Pocket Design

The patented hair pocket design completely covers and protects your hair just outside your helmet, even with a full face or modular helmet. Your hair is completely covered and not affected by wind or sun.

Top Quality Materials - Made in the USA

Diva-Do doo-rags and helmet liners are produced in our Saint Petersburg, Florida production facility using the finest quality active wear and charmeuse materials available. Each piece is hand inspected numerous times during production and packaging and is guaranteed to meet or exceed your expectations of quality and effectiveness

Huge Selection of Colors and Prints

Our in-house production allows us to quickly add new fashion colors and prints in small production runs that companies that outsource production can only dream of. You can choose from 30 or more distinct and in-stock colors and prints, all at easily affordable prices

Online Videos

We currently have two online videos, the first gives you easy step-by-step instructions on how to put the Diva-Do on, the second shows Anna demonstrating how the Diva-Do stays on even in hurricane force winds!

Anna Shows You Easy Step-by-Step Instructions on How To Use the Diva-Do Doo-Rag and Helmet Liner

The Diva-Do (and Anna) Survive Hurricane Force Winds!

Your Total Satisfaction Guarantee

If you are not completely satisfied and delighted with your purchase simply contact us via phone or email and we will send you your choice of a refund of your total purchase price (including shipping!) or a free replacement (shipped free). In addition we will send you pre-paid shipping materials for your return.

We personally use our products on a daily basis and consistently travel to major rallies and shows across the country to meet our customers face to face. This allows us to make sure our products are delivering the performance and satisfaction our customers expect.

Our total confidence in each of our products is reflected in our Total Satisfaction Guarantee.

Made in the U.S.A.

Proudly Made in the USA

All Raci-Babi products are produced in our facilities in Saint Petersburg, FL. We believe that being in complete control of the materials, production and quality control is much more important than saving a few dollars by shipping production offshore and into the hands of someone we'll probably never meet.

By keeping production in-house we are able to offer a much wider variety of styles and colors and avoid the out of stock and quality issues inherent in long distance outsourcing.

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